Special Editions

With our LEUCHTTURM1917 special editions, we offer you new trends – Rising Colours, Muted Colours, Neon! Edition and Metallic tones as well as limited editions like 100 years of Bauhaus or Write, don't talk. The Leuchtkraft edition is a particulary popular collector's item.

Notebook Rising Colours

Four new colours with an elementary force

Inspired by the magical mood at the beginning of a new day, we present four new colours with an elementary force. Are you ready for a new beginning?



The exclusive design cooperation.

Together with the international media brand MONOCLE, we present our very first design cooperation.

Linked by means of a special aesthetic design and a common passion for thinking and writing, as well as our love for detail, a special edition awaits you:

  • High-quality book cloth binding
  • Elegant gold monogram embossing
  • Five new stylish colours
  • Exclusive content from MONOCLE

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Notebook Muted Colours

Muted Colours

With our new Muted Colours shades, we've created a whole new world of colour within the LEUCHTTURM1917 range. The new shades are soft, subtle and stylish, reflecting the latest interior design and fashion trends.

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Bauhaus Leuchtturm1917

Bauhaus edition

For the centenary of the founding of the Bauhaus school of design, we have created a series of notebooks, pen loops and pencils that once again remind us of the guidelines of the Bauhaus school of thought.

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Notebook Metallic

Metallic edition

In the Metallic edition, we showcase notebooks, pen loops and pencils shining in gold, silver and copper.

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RED DOTS Edition


In the RED DOTS edition of LEUCHTTURM1917 the popular dots are in the foreground – and very much so. In contrast to the classic notebooks, the standard dotted lines are shown in red.

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Neon! Edition

Neon! Edition

This special edition comprises four notebooks with silver-coloured covers, featuring a fore-edge in neon pink, orange, yellow and green. The bellyband contains a set of stickers on the front and back - making each notebook unique.

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Write, don't talk

Write don't talk

The written word carries more weight. That's why the motto of this special edition is "Write, don't talk." The copper embossing is particularly effective on the subtle powder or grey cover. The hardcover notebook A5 Medium is presented in a premium gift box, therefore it is the perfect gift.

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to the Special Edition LEUCHTKRAFT, Notebook


Special words deserve special treatment. This is why LEUCHTTURM1917 dedicates the 'Leuchtkraft' special edition to them. It includes four unique notebooks. Each of them has a German word in the title:

Fernweh I Sehnsucht I Wanderlust I Zeitgeist

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