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Special Editions

Find your natur. - Natural Colours

The Natural Colours. Pure forces for all the senses.

Four new colours inspired by the fascination of nature: light grey, fox red, forest green and mint green.

With its sounds, smells, movements and colours, the forest transforms us into wanderers in touch with all our senses. Unspoiled nature invigorates the soul, letting thoughts flow and tread new paths. Out here, we come to understand what really drives and moves us. Find your true nature – with the Natural Colours.

Mehr erfahren - Outlines

The notebook for any weather

The Outlines notebook also features useful details such as a world time map and a conversion table for international units of measure. The soft yet very durable and water-repellent cover makes the Outlines notebooks virtually indestructible. Whether you happen to be out in the rain or in a storm, whilst sailing, hiking, fishing or gardening, down at the beach or up in the mountains – the Outlines notebook still proves its worth whatever the weather throws at you.

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The new premium 120G Edition. A matter of transparency 

The new 120G Edition notebooks are a perfect choice for anyone who loves to combine writing with sketching and drawing. By adding the right filler, the paper has a very low transparency. Writing and drawings are not visible from the back.

Whether you choose a classic notebook, bullet journal or use the paper for hand lettering: The properties of this special paper mean that it is suitable for a whole host of uses. The 120G Edition. A matter of transparency. Page for page – pleasure that unfolds.

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Monocle Edition


The exclusive design cooperation.

As part of our first design cooperation, an edition of extraordinary notebooks, planners and accessories was created together with the international lifestyle magazine MONOCLE, which offer stylish appearances and concise content. Created for people with high standards and an interest in urban life.

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Bauhaus LEUCHTTURM1917

Bauhaus Edition

Zum einhundertjährigen Bauhaus-Gründungsjubiläum schufen wir eine Serie bestehend aus Notizbüchern, Pen Loops und Bleistiften, die an die wegweisenden Design- und Architektur Leitlinien des Bauhaus erinnern.

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Notizbuch Metallic

Metallic Edition

In the Metallic edition, we showcase notebooks, pen loops and pencils shining in gold, silver and copper.

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RED DOTS Edition


In the RED DOTS edition of LEUCHTTURM1917 the popular dots are in the foreground – and very much so. In contrast to the classic notebooks, the standard dotted lines are shown in red.

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Neon! Edition

Neon! Edition

This special edition comprises four notebooks with silver-coloured covers, featuring a fore-edge in neon pink, orange, yellow and green. The bellyband contains a set of stickers on the front and back - making each notebook unique.

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Write, don't talk

Write, don't talk

The written word carries more weight. That's why the motto of this special edition is "Write, don't talk." The copper embossing is particularly effective on the subtle powder or grey cover. The hardcover notebook A5 Medium is presented in a premium gift box, therefore it is the perfect gift.

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Special words deserve special treatment. This is why LEUCHTTURM1917 dedicates the 'Leuchtkraft' special edition to them. It includes four unique notebooks. Each of them has a German word in the title:

Fernweh I Sehnsucht I Wanderlust I Zeitgeist

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Special Editions

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Edition 120G
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Notebook Monocle by LEUCHTTURM 1917
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Notebook Metallic Edition
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Notebook Write, don´t talk
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Notebook Bauhaus Edition
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Notebook Leuchtkraft
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Pen Loop Neon! Edition
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Pen Loop Bauhaus Edition Red
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Jottbook Metallic Edition
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Pencil Bauhaus Edition
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Pen Loop Metallic Edition
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Pencils 1917 Metallic Edition
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