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Edition 120G

Notebook Edition 120G

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The new premium 120G Edition. A matter of transparency

The new 120G Edition notebooks are a perfect choice for anyone who loves to combine writing with sketching and drawing. By adding the right filler, the paper has a very low transparency. Writing and drawings are not visible from the back.

Whether you choose a classic notebook, bullet journal or use the paper for hand lettering: The properties of this special paper mean that it is suitable for a whole host of uses. The 120G Edition. A matter of transparency. Page for page – pleasure that unfolds.

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The perfect base for writing with a marker, fountain pen or brush pen

The 120G Edition paper is ideal for use with a host of writing instruments. Each stroke retains a clear outline as the ink will not run.

During production, the pressure of the roller gives the paper a smooth and particularly surface. This not only results in a writing experience with a pleasant flow, it is also gentle on the pen being used.

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Plenty of scope for writing and art

Writing and drawing are an expression of individual creativity. Thanks to numerous notebooks in different weights and formats as well as a host of colours, LEUCHTTURM1917 offers plenty of scope for writing and artwork. There is a choice to suit your personal writing style and artistic passion.

Notebook classic

Spanning seven formats from Mini to Master, it is highly versatile. The light chamois-coloured 80 gsm paper aids legibility. The larger A4+ Master and Master Slim formats come with thicker 100 gsm paper.


The LEUCHTTURM1917 sketchbooks in new formats offer lots of scope. Pure white and heavier 150 gsm paper for different types of drawing. Our sketchbooks are also available in the exclusive Medium Landscape and Square.