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• Sizes: Master (A4+), Medium (A5), Landscape Medium (A5), Square
• Hardcover
• Drawing board with 150 g/sqm

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LEUCHTTURM1917 sketchbooks

Pure white paper highlights every detail.

Our sketchbooks are distinguished by their pure white, strong 150 gsm paper. The ideal base for varied and creative artistic techniques.

Colours and outlines are clear and striking thanks to the special quality of the paper used. Our new sketchbooks are ideal for use with pencils, felt-tip pens, markers, charcoal, ink, pastels and chalk.

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Product description

Sketching mental images, portraying people, drawing landscapes, painting, scribbling,shading, colouring and capturing what we see on paper, whenever something inspires us.

• 112 pages
• White acid-free paper
• Drawing board with 150 g/sqm
• Gusseted pocket
• Page marker
• Elastic enclosure band
• Thread-bound book opens flat
• Sticker for labelling and archiving
• Dimensions: Master = 225 x 316 mm / Square = 225 x 225 mm / Medium = 145 x 210 mm / Medium Landscape = 210 x 145 mm