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Leuchtturm1917 Sketchbooks

The new sketchbooks

Sketchbooks have long been a firm fixture in the LEUCHTTURM1917 range. The art of drawing and the different presentation styles are in a constant state of flux. Consequently, we take time to listen to what artists have to say and which of our products we can further develop and improve for them.

Our new sketchbooks are the result of extensive input from our sketching community. Our sketchbooks not only offer improved paper quality, they also come in new formats to encourage further creative activities.

Our latest arrivals include the following formats: Medium Landscape and Quadrat (square). These are only available as sketchbooks. They provide even more scope for artistic creativity such as drawing, portraiture, sketching, doodling and shading.   


Pure white paper

LEUCHTTURM1917 sketchbooks are characterised by their pure white, strong 150 gsm paper. Interesting to note: Our notebooks feature chamois-coloured paper that makes it easier to read handwritten notes.

Colours and outlines are more pronounced on the pure white paper found in our sketchbooks.

Our new sketchbooks are ideal for use with pencils, felt-tip pens, markers, charcoal, ink, pastels and chalk.

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