The 12-month and 16-month planners 2023 are expected to be available end of June.

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Planners are a personal matter. Every person has his own planning style. That's why our calendars are not only available in different formats and colors, but also in different model variants. Matching the personal requirement profile. Always with many practical details that help with organization.


Weekly Planner & Notebook

Our most popular planner is the perfect symbiosis: a calendar for your appointments and a notebook for your ideas and thoughts. It combines our favourite everyday items – the planner and the notebook – in a wonderfully practical way to offer maximum potential with more structure.

Weekly Planner

Weekly Planner

With the Weekly Planner, you can see the whole week at a glance. This model is focused on weekly planning and offers, depending on the size, plenty of space for your individual design and use.

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Week Planner

Too few hours in your day? We can’t change that, but we can provide the best overview of all your appointments – for more structure and less scheduling chaos. Our Week Planner allows you to plan your day in detail hour by hour, whilst also giving you a good overview of the week. The Week Planner is also available as an Academic Week Planner with 18 months, starting in July.

The Week Planner is also available as an Academic Week Planner with 18 months, starting in July.

Daily Planner

Our Daily Planner helps you give every single day your full and undivided attention – with a separate page devoted to each day of the week. That gives you plenty of space for very detailed daily planning.

The Daily Planner devotes attention to every single day. Every day gets its own page, even Saturdays and Sundays. Each day has one line per hour (7 a.m. – 10 p.m.), giving plenty of space for detailed daily planning. For everyone who wants to fill every day with plenty of action.

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Monthly Planner with Notebook

Clear and effective: designed for the fast modern pace of life, the Monthly Planner with Notebook planner combines the benefits of a clear, concise planner with those of a fully-fledged notebook.

(Note: In the Composition format the day fields are provided with lines, in the Paperback format without.)

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