Notizbuch Classic

They look good, are practical and always to hand, keep our secrets safe, give structure to our daily lives, store our memories and do so much more – they are our notebooks.

Notebooks have become an indispensable part of daily life. Whether we use them for professional or personal reasons, we all have them and treasure them.

Whatever their size and purpose, they meet our individual requirements, fit perfectly into our lifestyles and are always so much more than just a few sheets of paper. They provide a home for our daily To Do lists and a safe place for our most private thoughts and, even many years after we've finished using them, they continue to be a rich repository of our memories.

Discover now our LEUCHTTURM1917 Notebooks Classic.

Notizbuch Classic

Made for you – the perfect notebook

From the classic notebook to our special editions, such as the Bauhaus or Metallic Edition, to our Jottbooks, the alternatives with a softcover – our product range is as diverse as its users.

So that you, too, can find exactly the right notebook that will become your companion and to which you entrust your thoughts and ideas.


Journaling as a trend

Journaling is new for you? Let our different journals take you by the hand and accompany you. You will find notebooks with proven content and structure, and most importantly, great tips and tools.

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Stylish sketchbooks 

Sketching your thoughts on paper, trying out new painting and drawing techniques or just scribbling down ideas – everything is allowed in our new sketchbooks.

Pure white paper, special formats and new colours offer you unlimited freedom for your creativity.

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Your personalised notebook

Your notebook at the very first glance. Imagine holding a notebook in your favourite colour in your hand.

Now imagine stroking your finger across the embossing on the front cover and reading your own name in small letters.

This is something special, just like you. When personalised, your notebook becomes very much a part of your person.

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Here you can find our complete range. 


32 Items
Notebook Rising Colours
from 17,50 EUR including VAT
Jottbook Double
from 8,95 EUR including VAT
Notebook Bauhaus Edition
19,95 EUR including VAT
Notebook RED DOTS Edition
18,95 EUR including VAT
Notebook Write, don´t talk
18,95 EUR including VAT
Notebook NEON! Edition
19,95 EUR including VAT
Notebook Metallic Edition
from 13,95 EUR including VAT
Bullet Journal
18,50 EUR including VAT
Change Journal German
29,95 EUR including VAT
Change Journal
29,95 EUR including VAT
Notebook Leuchtkraft
18,95 EUR including VAT
Some Lines A Day
25,50 EUR including VAT
11 Freunde Edition
19,95 EUR including VAT
Notebook Leather
from 60,00 EUR including VAT
20,95 EUR including VAT
Edition 120G
21,95 EUR including VAT
Bullet Journal Edition 2
22,95 EUR including VAT
Notebook Classic
9,50 EUR from 6,18 EUR You will save 35% including VAT
13,95 EUR 10,46 EUR You will save 25% including VAT
4,50 EUR from 3,60 EUR You will save 20% including VAT
Notebook Classic
from 9,50 EUR including VAT
from 18,95 EUR including VAT
Whitelines Link
13,95 EUR 10,46 EUR You will save 25% including VAT
12,95 EUR including VAT
Jottbook Metallic Edition
9,50 EUR from 7,13 EUR You will save 25% including VAT