We are so pleased that lots of people throughout the world share our passion for writing. Putting ideas/thoughts in writing. In this context, there are ever more journalling fans. With our exclusive Original Bullet Journal® and the Change Journal, for instance, we offer two versions that encourage one’s own potential to better structure one’s own life, inviting change and providing motivating suggestions. 
Bullet Journal Edition 2 kaufen

Bullet Journal® ­ – Edition 2. The new, improved original.

New York designer Ryder Carroll is an inspiration to people around the world with his ground-breaking method of self-organisation and the original Bullet Journal®. In cooperation with him and the BuJo community, we at LEUCHTTURM1917 have given Bullet Journaling an upgrade. Ideas were generated in an intensive exchange, which have once again expanded the potential for self-organisation. The result is the new Bullet Journal® –  Edition 2, with additional features and extras for more individual structure and creativity.  


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Bullet Journal

The original Bullet Journal® by Ryder Carroll

Exclusively from LEUCHTTURM1917

Journalling can be done in different ways. A Bullet Journal® can define, for instance, thoughts, tasks and goals.

The Bullet Journal® does not help only to organise everyday routine tasks. Journalling methods are continually improved in the global community. Everyone can find a preferred method to organise themselves.

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Change Journal

Change Journal

Your own personality is at the very heart of the Change Journal, and it supports you in a variety of ways in getting to know yourself better. It inspires you to make changes that make your life easier. The abundance of helpful methods and tricks will help you discover where exactly you stand in life and what possibilities may still arise.

The Change Journal will enable you to recognise habits, encourage potential and to strengthen the development of your own personality.

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Some Lines A Day the five-year book

Some Lines a Day

The ‘Some Lines A Day’ diary is no ordinary notebook. It is a five-year diary for writing down your personal experiences and memories. Changes that have occurred over time can be seen at a glance. Which events that have left their mark, which desires and goals have been met.

With the ‘Some Lines A Day’ diary, you can capture the eventful years.

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