Notebook Leuchtkraft Edition

Pure poetry

Every notebook in this edition has a German word in its title. Linguistic gems that have found their way into the vocabulary of other languages.

Fernweh. Sehnsucht. Wanderlust. Zeitgeist. German words that have travelled the world and found themselves incorporated into the respective languages of other continents. After all, the significance of their meaning goes beyond borders.

Each one of the four notebooks in the Leuchtkraft edition has one of the aforementioned terms embossed on its cover, which is then explained in English by means of a poetic text on the belly band and endpaper.

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Pure emotion

When did Fernweh last have you in its grip? How intense is your Sehnsucht for love or far-distant lands? When were you last consumed by wanderlust? How much is everyday life determined by zeitgeist and which eras has it shaped?

Terms that emanate enlightenment and inspire a journey to your inner soul, noting down your own dreams and thoughts on paper.

Leuchtkraft Edition