An expressive personality – the Neon! edition

Neon never goes out of style. The striking and bright pop art colours are celebrating their unmistakable comeback. Our Neon! edition combines elegant silver with striking colours, which makes these notebooks vivid eye-catchers.

Notizbuch Neon! Edition

Pop Art

Bring more colour into the office!

The Neon! edition has an extremely eye-catching look and brings colour to your everyday routine with its metallic and neon-coloured elements. There is a set of stickers on the front and back of the belly band, so you can decorate your notebook to make it unique. 


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Notizbuch Neon! Edition

Neon-coloured details

The edition comprises four silver-covered notebooks. The popular dotted ruling provides a stark contrast to the coloured fore edges in neon colours: neon pink, neon orange, neon yellow or neon green.

The series is completed with pen loops and pencils in matching neon colours.

Notebook Neon! Edition


19,95 EUR

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Pen Loop Neon! Edition

Pen Loops

2,95 EUR

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Penicl Neon! Edition


1,55 EUR

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Neon! Edition