RED DOTS Edition

RED Dots Edition

Lets you connect the dots!

Very special - the popular dotted ruling as a RED DOTS Special Edition

The RED DOTS edition by LEUCHTTURM1917 stages every single sentence, dot for dot. The star in this context is the colour – red. As a striking colour is used for the dotted ruling, it provides an eye-catching background for handwriting.

The red ink accentuates the dots on the chamois-coloured paper and creates a strong contrast. The colour also works well with both blue and black ink, and adds a cheerful aspect that fills the notebook with energy.

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RED DOTS Edition

Something really special. RED DOTS Edition

A notebook in the RED DOTS edition promises special writing enjoyment. After all, the tiny dots appearing on every single page do not stand alone with their red ink. We have added a red fore edge as well as a red-striped bookmark so that they match the colour of the ruling. These features give the RED DOTS edition a distinctive look.

The cover of this special edition with dotted ruling is also available in army, royal blue and anthracite.

Notebook RED DOTS Edition