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Pencil HB, LEUCHTTURM1917, assorted, Bauhaus Edition: 4x Black, 1x Royal Blue

• Lead HB
• Package of 5 pencils, as a combination of 2 colours
• Sorted colours with an accent colour each

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Everything starts from a dot.

Wassily Kandinsky, painter and lecturer at the Bauhaus school, summed it up neatly when he said: ‘Everything starts from a dot.’ This quote highlights the fact that for creative minds, the process of committing ideas to paper via the hand begins with a dot on the page. The first point of contact between thoughts and paper – a crucial moment.

Clean, minimalist forms, functional details and classic colours are key features of the modern era’s most influential design school – and also the principles that have always guided the design of LEUCHTTURM1917 products.

As a tribute to the revolutionary Bauhaus style, we have created a special edition that encompasses a notebook, Pen Loop and Drehgriffel and whose form, colour and details honour the pioneering Bauhaus ethos.

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Product description

The pencils are available as package of 5 pencils, as a combination of 2 colours:
4x Red / 1x Royal Blue
4x Lemon / 1x Black
4x Black / 1x Royal Blue

• Lead: HB
• Length: 18 cm

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