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Change Journal

Change Journal

Change Journal

Promote change - with the Change Journal.

Finding the true inner self, discovering one’s own skills, improving potential and driving forward change. The Change Journal from LEUCHTTURM1917 gives easy-to-understand tips and points to solutions.

A notebook that helps towards making life a little bit better, day by day. The Change Journal comprises 24 simple yet effective ways to increase your productivity and improve the way you organise yourself. It only takes a few minutes each day.

Change Journal, English

The Change Journal - an exciting book that explores the inner self

How can I realise my full potential, organise my professional and private life more sensibly or get a better structure of my personal goals? There are many recognised methods and tricks. But everyone has their own way of getting there. The Change Journal from LEUCHTTURM1917 will help you on your daily journey to your personal, more exciting inner self.

It will assist you in getting to know yourself better, analyse different aspects of your life and, possibly, change them. The Change Journal will escort you on this journey, show you where you are currently and encourage you to realise your goals and discover new ones.

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"Changing oneself is probably the hardest thing we can do."

24 methods from various sources that have been compiled and summarised to focus on what is absolutely necessary. A ‘best practice’ for every change that fits into your own life.

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Change Journal

The Change Journal from LEUCHTTURM1917

“Changing oneself is probably the hardest thing we do.” This sentence at the beginning of the Change Journal marks the start of a varied and compelling journey of discovery through the entire year. With 24 simple yet effective ways that have been gleaned from numerous literary works and specialist titles, then condensed to the essentials. Easy to digest and immediately applicable.

These should each be worked on over seven days, although there is no hard and fast rule concerning the order in which they come. You are free to decide which topic you would like to tackle next. For instance – digital detox, saving up or saying ‘no’ to people. The Change Journal will provide exciting and useful tips for following your own path.

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Change Journal

Make life easier – with the Change Journal

Tim Jaudszims, Entrepreneur, founder and author of Change Journal, once said: “If you’re as lazy and as full of ideas as I am, then at some point you’re looking for tricks that make life easier. That’s why I threw myself into the world of guides and blogs, planners and journals, and filtered out my favourites. That was how the Change Journal came about.”

For the Change Journal in partnership with LEUCHTTURM1917, Tim Jaudszims compiled 24 methods from different sources and condensed them into the essentials. To understand, try out and document.

The 24 methods presented are as follows:

  • The Pareto principle

  • The Eisenhower principle

  • Single-tasking

  • Digital detox

  • The circle trick

  • Habits

  • Pitch Yourself

  • Clarity

  • Compliments

  • Reading

  • Marginal gains

  • Saying "no"

  • Decluttering

  • Water

  • Gratitude

  • Rewards

  • Comfort zone

  • Strenghts

  • Essentialism

  • Goals

  • The Pomodoro technique

  • E-Mails

  • Saving

  • Journaling