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Writers & Thinkers
Conversations on thinking by hand

Welcome to the place where we celebrate the love of pen, paper and notebooks. Directors talk about how they write scripts. Musicians open their songbooks. Designers show their sketches. Scientists report on their research notes. Authors talk about how they create scenarios

Episode 1: Gesa Hansen


Gesa Hansen

Design and creativity

Writing and Drawing Jogs My Intuition

There is probably not a single place in Gesa Hansen’s vicinity without a notebook lying around, waiting to be filled with her countless ideas. The globally sought-after furniture and interior designer talks about her obsession with nice pens and good paper

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Episode 2: Norman Ohler


Norman Ohler

Literature and non-fiction

Pen, Hand, Paper

Norman Ohler’s book Blitzed, which explores drug use in the military of the Third Reich, was an instant international bestseller. His latest book, Tripped,  chronicles the history of LSD. Many of his books are about intoxication. And for him, the very act of writing by hand is an intoxicating experience

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Episode 3: Anna Kuen


Anna Kuen

Design and creativity

On Clarity of Line

Anna Kuen is a visual artist, model and DJ. A life without notebooks is unimaginable for her. She needs pen and paper to process her ideas – and to rid herself of some thoughts

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Episode 4: Martin Lotze


Martin Lotze


Symphony of Synapses

Martin Lotze is a neuroscientist who has put people in MRI scanners and watched their brains write. What did he observe? He explains what he has found out in his laboratory

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Episode 5: Sarah Winkelmann


Sarah Winkelmann

Expedition and adventure

Extreme Hiker

Sarah Winkelmann, 28 years old, pursues an extreme hobby: Arctic expeditions. Alongside ten others, she traversed the ice desert of Greenland in 28 days. Each day, she kept a diary. Writing helped her stay sane and push her boundaries

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