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Item number: 801557

Planner Stickers 2024, English

• Month set, Year set
• For Medium (A5) notebooks

Planner Stickers 2024

Those who want to add a calendar function to their notebook will find the ideal solution in our new self-stick planners. It allows you to easily create an additional planning tool. A resealable envelope contains stickers with pre-dated calendar inserts. There is a choice of one set for monthly and another set for yearly overviews. The self-stick planners can then be inserted in the right place in the notebook at the appropriate time. If you start a new notebook during the course of the year, you can continue in it with the remaining planning overviews. 

Product description

Set 1 – Monthly overviews
This turns a notebook into a monthly planner in no time at all:
A resealable envelope contains 24 stickers for 12 dated monthly overviews. Each month has a double page and can be stuck into the notebook and labelled at the appropriate time.

• 01 January 2024 - 31 December 2024
• For Medium (A5) notebooks
• Including holidays D/A/CH

Set 2 – Annual overviews
When is the holiday planned, what business trips are coming up? What are the public holidays and when are the school holidays? Information that can be easily recorded in the notebook with the help of the stick-in calendars. This set includes annual overviews for planning and school holiday dates for all German federal states. So you always have an overview.

• Calendar overview 2024 and 2025
• Planning overview 01.2024 - 12.2024
• Overview of German school holiday dates
• For medium (A5) notebooks.