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Smooth writing with fine contours

Inspired by the fine Asian art of writing with its filigree typeface made up of detailed characters, the Drehgriffel Nr. 1 pen now comes with a Japanese 0.5mm gel pen refill.

For easy and flowing handwriting

Gel ink has a higher viscosity than standard ballpoint pen ink. An advantage that ensures easy and flowing handwriting. Giving a line width of only 0.5mm, the Japanese gel pen refill creates particularly fine writing with a clear outline. Even with a fine stroke, the ink flows very evenly via the pen tip onto the paper.

This is due to a ceramic ball bearing which dictates the perfect flow of ink in the tip. The interaction between the ceramic’s smooth surface and the precise positioning of the ball bearing ensures a constant flow of ink despite the fact that very little ink is released.

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Shodō – the way of artistic handwriting

Shodō: the very moment in which a thought flows through the hand and becomes visible on paper.

Japan is a country which is well-known for its writing culture. This is very evident in calligraphy that highlights the many details of Japanese characters. The gel pen refill was developed in Japan, in order to reproduce, as far as possible, the fineness of ink strokes in everyday life that were traditionally created using a brush.

The gel ink used has a significantly higher viscosity than the ink in a ballpoint pen, and the ink flows evenly from the pen tip onto the paper. The result is smooth writing with fine contours. 

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Refill for Drehgriffel

Refill for Drehgriffel Nr. 1 with gel ink

The corresponding refill for the Drehgriffel Nr. 1 with gel refill is available in line width 0.5 mm with black gel ink. All refills are water undelible and therefore document proof. To replace the Drehgriffel refill unscrew the turning head.

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