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Pen Loops

Smart Pen Loops

The pen loop is not only very practical, it is also a stylish design accessory. The pen loop is easily affixed to the back inside cover with the self-adhesive surface. The strong elasticated loop keeps a writing instrument firmly in place - whether it is a thin pencil or the hexagon-shaped Drehgriffel pen.

Your favourite writing instrument is not only kept firmly in place, the pen loop also adds a stylish colour accent to your notebook. LEUCHTTURM1917 has pen loops in either the same or a contrasting colour to its range of notebooks and planners.

Pen Loops XL

So that give even big pens and pencils their designated place on a notebook or planner.


8 Items
Pen Loop
2,95 EUR including VAT
Pencil, New colours 2024
1,95 EUR including VAT
Pen Loop Bauhaus Edition
2,95 EUR including VAT
Pen Loop Neon! Edition
2,95 EUR including VAT
Refills for the Drehgriffel
from 3,95 EUR including VAT
Pen Loop Bullet Journal, Black
3,95 EUR including VAT
Pen Loop XL
2,95 EUR including VAT