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Whitelines Link


Analog or digital? This question does not necessarily need to be taken into account. We do not want to decide, but to get the best of both worlds. A notebooks helps to get organized and to write down thoughts whenever they occur. Digital media, on the contrary, lets us share our thoughts with other people independently from a location or a time.

Share analog content in a digital way
The cooperation from LEUCHTTURM1917 and Whitelines Link® shows that smartphones and tablets do not replace notebooks, but that both worlds complement each other reasonably. The Whitelines Link® notebook is for writing down ideas and thoughts, the Whitelines Link® App helps sharing the content.

Whitelines – Note, scan, share
The ruling is white and the paper is light grey. On photocopies and scans the background fades – the ruling is not visible anymore. The Whitelines Link® App recognizes notebook pages per “automatic capture“. You only need to focus on the page with the smartphone. The App scans it automatically, the ruling disappears and you can at once edit and save your analog content, send it via email or share it via Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, GoogleDrive and similar platforms. With the help of the app notes and sketches can be digitalized, edited and shared easily and fast.
The free app is available in the Apple App-Store and in the Google Play Store.