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Are your needs, your tasks and your life in general as rich and varied as our product range? Do you love to try new things and believe that variety is the spice of life – even when it comes to notebooks? If so, then LEUCHTTURM1917 is the right place for you. We work on our products all the time to enhance them, optimise our existing range and develop brand new items. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our new products here:

Planners 2024 l 18-months

Plan your appointments for 2024 now with the 18-month planners

A planner should be a daily tool. It helps us to structure our working days and weekends, schedule and keep appointments and remember important events – in short, it should be our constant companion. At the same time, everyone needs to ask themselves “What do I want my planner to do for me?”. Do you have important appointments, big plans and great ideas now and 

for the future? Then the 18-month planners are just what you need. Our 2024 models are available now. You can write anything of importance in them from 1 July 2023 and take them into the coming year. Find your favourite model for coordinating all your plans and ideas until the end of 2024 now.

Think Smater, Paperback (B6+) - Hardcover

The perfect companion: The Paperback B6+ notebook format.

Now also available as hardcover – compact and handy for on the go.

The sleek and elegant B6+ intermediate format, a popular size that traces its roots back to the bookstore, is ideal for notes, thoughts and plans during a meeting or when travelling. With a larger number of pages than an A5 medium format, but a smaller size than other formats, this clever intermediate size perfectly combines handiness and space. The hardcover makes this smart format an indispensable companion on the go. 

Paperback (B6+) - Hardcover

Learning Journal

There’s a method to successful learning.

The Cleer® Learning Journal – a workbook and notebook to help you achieve your learning goals quickly and easily. Together with authors Nina Schwarting and Aaron Keilhau, we have developed the Learning Journal, which summarises the most successful methods and techniques of active learning. The Learning Journal is the ideal workbook and notebook for actively acquiring new professional skills and knowledge. Thanks to its active 12-week learning system, it helps you to structure new information and directly apply new knowledge in order to  retain as much of what you have learned as possible. From subject-specific content such as further training in social media marketing or personnel development to personal skills such as agile project management, leadership or self-management. The Learning Journal provides structure and motivation for personal development with the unique Cleer® learning journey. It is easy to use and helps you achieve fast and long-term learning success.

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Natural Colours - Find your natur.

The Natural Colours. Pure forces for all the senses.

Four new colours inspired by the fascination of nature: light grey, fox red, forest green and mint green.

With its sounds, smells, movements and colours, the forest transforms us into wanderers in touch with all our senses. Unspoiled nature invigorates the soul, letting thoughts flow and tread new paths. Out here, we come to understand what really drives and moves us. Find your true nature – with the Natural Colours.

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Drehgriffel Nr. 1 - Bullet Journal Edition

New: The Bullet Journal® Drehgriffel

A distinctive writing instrument - inspired by the design of the 1920s.

Bullet journaling is a worldwide phenomenon with a continuously growing community of followers. Together with Ryder Carroll, the inventor of the Bullet Journal® method, we have developed the matching writing instrument - the Bullet Journal® Drehgriffel with gel refill.

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Sketchnote Journal

Sketchnote Journal

Vacation can mean so many things. And pictures often say more than a thousand words.

How can I learn to visualise my thoughts quickly and easily on paper? The Sketchnote journal is a source of inspiration and a workbook with guidance and tips from professionals intended to help you learn how to create visual notes step by step – the basics are shown in an easily understandable and fun way. Do you want to get your colleagues excited about an idea? Would you like to create understandable notes or simply bring order to your own thoughts? Explaining something with the usual methods often only works to a limited extent because there is a lack of structure and because everyone understands things differently.

Sketch and note. Visual notes. Practically all ideas and concepts can be visualised using this method. Sometimes just a few strokes are enough to give form to a mental model, making it visible and thus understandable for others. There is a good reason for the saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’.

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Shop Monocle Edition

A stationery collection with content and style

The exclusive edition for people who wish to combine an urban way of life with their own ideas. The result of our design collaboration with the international lifestyle magazine MONOCLE. A premium collection of stationery featuring coordinating notebooks, planners and accessories for discerning people.

This collection bears the joint signature of LEUCHTURM1917 and MONOCLE. Curated with the passion embodied by both brands for a clean and functional design with subtle details and striking contents.

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Planners 2023

The range of functions a planner may need to fulfil are as varied and individual as people’s daily schedules. We at LEUCHTTURM1917 are well aware of this fact – which is why we created five different planner variants. Each of our planners offers users a unique set of benefits to meet individual requirements.

A planner should be a daily tool. It helps us to structure our working days and weekends, schedule and keep appointments and remember important events – in short, it should be our constant companion. At the same time, everyone needs to ask themselves “What do I want my planner to do for me?”.

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Notebook Classic
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Some Lines A Day
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Drehgriffel Nr. 2, Pencil
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Learning Journal, English
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Sketchnote Journal, English
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Refills for the Drehgriffel
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Springback Binder PEKA
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Learning Journal, German
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Sketchnote Journal, German
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Book Box
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Card case
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Notebook, Natural Colours
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Academic Week Planner 18 Months, german
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Pen Loop, Natural Colours
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Pencil, Natural Colours
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