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Start-up Journal

In 15 steps to your own company.

Start-up Journal
Start-up Journal

The guide to starting your own business

What chance does my business idea have? Am I a business founder with an entrepreneurial mind? What factors lead to success? How do I recognise risks? The new Start-up Journal is a personal workbook and notebook combined that is clearly structured according to topics, featuring useful suggestions, practical templates and helpful techniques. It helps to develop ideas, assess risks better as well as providing ways in which to convince customers and investors. Future entrepreneurs are inspired to plan the next steps, to give their ideas their own personal stamp and to note down their thoughts and visions.

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For anyone looking for potential opportunities and not illusions.

The easy-to-understand structure of methods, as well as a graphic design full of detail, make the Start-up Journal an indispensable tool for all budding business entrepreneurs. Together with Tim Jaudszims, author and business angel, LEUCHTTURM1917 developed an analogue journal for business entrepreneurs, which helps to successfully overcome the hurdles involved with setting up a business, keeping an overview in focus.

The Start-up Journal comes with the well-known LEUCHTTURM1917 features, including two bookmarks, contents page, numbered pages, a gusseted pocket in the back inside cover and a set of sticky labels. This edition is available as a hardcover in Medium (A5) in the following colours: Rising Sun and Stone Blue.

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„Nothing is more convincing than someone who backs up his words with actions.“

Tim Jaudszims, business angel and author of the Start-up Journal

About the author

For Tim Jaudszims, setting up business is both his job and passion. As a business angel, he has already viewed more than 2,000 pitch decks, met with over 400 teams, made numerous investments and has successfully set up five businesses of his own. “It is easy to get distracted in a digital world”, said Tim Jaudszims. That is the reason why I contemplated creating a journal, in which notes are written down on a daily basis and the journal is always to hand. Thoughts and ideas can be compiled better, then shaped and, ultimately, refined if they are written down by hand. They are kept in focus. That helps you to reflect on and sort out your thoughts.