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Learning Journal

There’s a method to successful learning.

The Cleer® Learning Journal – a workbook and notebook to help you achieve your learning goals quickly and easily. Together with authors Nina Schwarting and Aaron Keilhau, we have developed the Learning Journal, which summarises the most successful methods and techniques of active learning. The Learning Journal is the ideal workbook and notebook for actively acquiring new professional skills and knowledge. Thanks to its active 12-week learning system, it helps you to structure new information and directly apply new knowledge in order to 

retain as much of what you have learned as possible. From subject-specific content such as further training in social media marketing or personnel development to personal skills such as agile project management, leadership or self-management. The Learning Journal provides structure and motivation for personal development with the unique Cleer® learning journey. It is easy to use and helps you achieve fast and long-term learning success.

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Poor notes lead to poor learning – productive learning can only be ensured with a proper system

Learning something new broadens your horizons and opens up new opportunities. It’s no wonder that there’s such an upsurge in personal development these days, as learning has never been easier – whether it’s through an online course, a podcast, a newsletter or social media. And professional development has now been reinvented as well, as it plays a crucial role for companies in times of skill shortages and digital transformation.

The excess of digital content that’s available, however, often makes it difficult to keep track of everything, which leads to new information often being consumed passively rather than actively learned. According to the Digitalisation and New Learning study by the IU International University of Applied Sciences, passive learning is currently the biggest hurdle when it comes to successful personal development, along with a lack of time. This leads to what is known as the ‘forgetting curve’. People forget up to 90% of new knowledge in just one week.

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Learning Journal Composition (B5), Pacific Green, English

Learning Journal Composition (B5), Pacific Green, English

Learning Journal Composition (B5), Black, English

Learning Journal Composition (B5), Black, English

Write, understand, remember: learned!

Nina Schwarting and Aaron Keilhau are the authors of the Cleer® Learning Journals. Both have been active in the learning industry for many years and have guided more than 50,000 people through online courses, webinars and social learning programs. In this Learning Journal, they have collected and combined the most successful techniques and methods for active learning.

LEUCHTTURM1917’s firm belief that writing something out by hand is like thinking directly on paper forms the basis for the collaboration with Cleer. By writing down and structuring the learning content with the help of the Learning Journal, learning objectives can be achieved quickly and easily. The idea is easy: physically write down what you want to learn, understand it and remember it. Then you’ll have learnt it!

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The Cleer® Learning Journey: 

The Cleer® Learning Journal is a 12-week workbook and notebook that summarises the most successful methods and techniques of active learning. It helps you structure new information and directly apply new knowledge so that you can retain as much of what you have learned as possible.

1. Plan: Organise your weekly learning sessions.

2. Explore: Collect and note new information.

3. Experiment: Apply new knowledge and skills with our  learning methods.

4. Reflect: Test yourself on what you already know/don’t know.

5. Summarize: Compile your most important findings.

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