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What material is used to bind LEUCHTTURM1917 notebooks?

Hardcover: Acrylic paper

Softcover: Polyurethane (PU)

What are the LEUCHTTURM1917 details that make all the difference?

  • Table of contents

  • Page numbers

  • FSC-certified paper

  • Perforated sheets at the back of each notebook


  • Expandable pocket on the inside cover

  • Stickers for archiving and labelling

  • 24 colours

  • 6 formats

  • 4 ruling options

Which requirements do the LEUCHTTURM1917 notebooks meet?

Our products are made out of FSC-certified paper and are produced sustainably.

Our cover materials of the hardcover notebooks also meet the following standards: EU Reach, RoHS, CPSIA, EN71 Teil 3, TSCA, ISQ 8124 Teil 3, ASTM F963 and Prop. 65.  We use latex-saturated paper with a protective colour coating on water base.

What formats are available for LEUCHTTURM1917 notebooks?

  • Master (A4+), 225 x 315 mm

  • Composition (B5), 178 x 254 mm

  • Medium (A5), 145 x 210 mm

  • Paperback (B6+), 125 x 190 mm

  • Pocket (~A6), 90 x 150 mm

  • Mini (~A7), 70 x 110 mm

  • Academy Block (A4), 210 x 298 mm

What ruling options are available for LEUCHTTURM1917 notebooks?

  • Lined (line spacing Master Slim (A4+), Composiotion (B5), Medium (A5), Paperback (B6+), Pocket (A6) : 6 mm, Master Classic (A4+) line spacing: 8.5 mm + margin)

  • Squared (5 x 5 mm squares)

  • Dotted (dots with 5 x 5 mm spacing)

  • Plain (including ruled and squared guideline page – except in Pocket (A6) format)

Not all products are available with all ruling options. The ruling options available are specified on the individual product pages.

How many pages are in LEUCHTTURM1917 notebooks?

The number of pages depends on the product and is specified on the individual product details pages.

How thick is the paper used in LEUCHTTURM1917 notebooks?

Depending on the product and format, the thickness of our paper ranges from 80 to 150 g/m² for notebooks.

Is LEUCHTTURM1917 paper acid-free?

Yes, our paper is acid-free.

Which planner variants are available from LEUCHTTURM1917?

  • Weekly Planner & Notebook (Master, Medium, Pocket, Softcover Medium, Softcover Paperback, Softcover Pocket)

  • Weekly Planner (Master, Medium, Pocket, Mini, Softcover Medium, Softcover Pocket)

  • Daily Planner (Master, Medium, Pocket)

  • Monthly Planner with Notebook (Softcover Composition (B5), Softcover Paperback (B6+))

  • Week Planner (Master, Medium, Pocket)

  • 18-Month Academic Week Planner (1 July 2020 to 31 December 2021) (Master, Medium, Pocket)

LEUCHTTURM1917 planners are available in German, English and French.

What is a LEUCHTTURM1917 Pen Loop and how does it work?

  • The Pen Loop is a self-adhesive pen holder made of elastic.

  • An adhesive pad is provided at the back of the Pen Loop. When you remove the protective film over the pad, you can simply affix the Pen Loop to the back cover of your notebook or planner.

  • The Pen Loop is suitable for both thin pencils and thick fountain pens.

Is the LEUCHTTURM1917 Pen Loop patented?

A patent has been filed internationally for the LEUCHTTURM1917 Pen Loop.

Where in the UK can I purchase a LEUCHTTURM1917 product?

  • LEUCHTTURM1917 can be purchased from our online shop.

  • A list of retailers is also provided on our website: To retailer list

Which countries does LEUCHTTURM1917 deliver to directly?

Germany, Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, USA, Canada.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Orders without name embossing take between 3 and 10 days to deliver. Orders with name embossing take between 10 and 15 days to deliver.

How do I order a notebook with individual name embossing?

  • If you order in a retail outlet, the retailer will order your notebook directly from the embossing department at LEUCHTTURM1917. When ready, the notebook will be sent to the retail outlet and you can pick it up from there.

  • You can also order an embossed notebook online from our website – every individual product page offers a “Personalise” option.

How much does individual name embossing cost?

Individual name embossing costs €9.95.

What is the name of the company behind the LEUCHTTURM1917 brand?

The LEUCHTTURM1917 brand, which incorporates high-quality stationery and writing instruments, is owned by LEUCHTTURM Gruppe GmbH & Co. KG. LEUCHTTURM Gruppe is a family-run company steeped in tradition.

Where does the name LEUCHTTURM1917 come from?

“Leuchtturm”, which is German for “lighthouse” comes from Leuchtturm Gruppe GmbH & Co. KG.

  • The name reflects the fact that the LEUCHTTURM Gruppe is a traditional, family-run company upholding Hanseatic values in northern Germany.

  • “1917” is the year in which the company was established.

When was LEUCHTTURM established?

The company was originally founded on 8 May 1917.

Where is the headquarters of the LEUCHTTURM Gruppe?

The LEUCHTTURM Gruppe has its company headquarters in Geesthacht (in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany).

How many people are employed by the LEUCHTTURM Gruppe?

We currently employ a staff of around 500 people at five sites worldwide (Germany, USA, Canada, Sweden and China). Over 300 of these are based at our headquarters in Geesthacht, Germany.

In which countries is the LEUCHTTURM1917 brand available?

The brand is available in over 80 countries, including: Germany, Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom, Czechia, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, USA, Canada.

What is the company philosophy of LEUCHTTURM1917?

We seek to create products that we can stand over and would be happy to use ourselves.

What does the LEUCHTTURM1917 brand stand for?

LEUCHTTURM1917 is a lifestyle brand of the LEUCHTTURM Gruppe. At the heart of our product portfolio are notebooks and planners in a wide range of different colours and styles.