Notizbuch Muted Colours

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They are subdued, yet prepare the stage for what matters.

Notizbuch Muted Colours

Muted Colours

An elegant look in subtle shades.

The Muted Colours special edition by LEUCHTTURM1917 has been created featuring a special colour world. These shades are subtle and elegant and reflect current interior design and fashion trends.

The range of colours in our best-selling size Medium (A5) has been extended to include these ‘muted colours’ and are available as a softcover or hardcover edition. Colour-matching pen loops and pencils are also available in this colour scheme, creating a harmonious unit or setting a contrasting colour accent.

Notebook Muted Colours


Pen Loops Muted Colours

Pen Loops

Pencils Muted Colours


Understated beauty and elegance: Muted Colours

Four shades that have been colour-coordinated and work together perfectly: powder, denim, sage and bellini. These subtle and on-the-trend shades have now been added to the LEUCHTTURM1917 range of colours for notebooks.

Notebook Muted Colours

Drehgriffel Powder


Drehgriffel Nr. 1 pen

The multiple award-winning writing instrument is also available in a Muted Colours shade.  

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