The original Bullet Journal®. Exclusive from LEUCHTTURM1917. 

Additional features, extras and new colour.

Bullet Journal® ­ – Edition 2.

New York designer Ryder Carroll is an inspiration to people around the world with his ground-breaking method of self-organisation and the original Bullet Journal®. In cooperation with him and the BuJo community, we at LEUCHTTURM1917 have given Bullet Journaling an upgrade. Ideas were generated in an intensive exchange, which have once again expanded the potential for self-organisation. The result is the new Bullet Journal® –  Edition 2, with additional features and extras for more individual structure and creativity. 

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Bullet Journal Edition 1

Bullet Journal® – Edition 1. The original.

The original notebook for Ryder Carroll's groundbreaking method. Self-organisation characterised by structure, individuality and creativity. The BULLET JOURNAL® - Edition 1 also includes the popular features of our notebooks such as three bookmarks, page numbers and a folding pocket in the cover.

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Ryder Carroll’s philosophy

The New York designer, Ryder Carroll, developed his method of bullet journalling in the early 2010s. There were no planning systems around at that time, either medial or on paper, that met what he was looking for and which was sufficiently flexible and customisable for his own needs.

His method took the world by storm. Ryder describes the Bullet Journal® as “an evolving, adaptable practice that is meant to be self-curated as you determine what works best for you.” This works on the principle of giving complete freedom in the planning of an individual’s best way to organise, yet, at the same time, promoting ways to create a structure which can adapt to the way in which the person thinks and their lifestyle.

Accordingly, the design of each and every element/feature can also be changed at any stage. Indeed, the Bullet Journal can span a number of things –  a minimalist ‘to do’ list, a classic housekeeping book or an artistically arranged diary. There are absolutely no limits and it enables the individual to update the contents on an ongoing basis and according to their own preferences. Discovering personal organisation, designed individually by hand.